Jonas Livet
Président Association Les Zoos dans le Monde, Haguenau, France
in 2019

"ZooLex is a phantastic platform to find detailed information about various zoo exhibits of many different scales and with multiple species! I have been using it regularly for over 16 years by now and I am extremely happy to see its layout modernized."

Katie Winston
Zoology student, Queensland, Australia
in 2016

"Thank you for a great year of newsletters and zoo design information. As a zoology student who is very interested in zoo design this has been an invaluable resource for me."

Mark Jones
Co-owner, Brackenburn Private Nature Reserve, South Africa
in 2016

"I love receiving emails regarding new uploads of enclosures to your website. They always fascinate me and help me with ideas too! Please keep up the good work of ensuring good zoos have a way of showing off their wonderful work being done!"

Penny Wood
Cognitive Ethologist, Animal Welfare Scientist, Zoo Consultant
in 2016

"Let me take the opportunity, now that I am writing, to thank you and the ZooLex team for all that you do and so generously share."

Mark Sparrow, DipHortKew
Curator Horticulture & Botany, Chester Zoo
in 2015

"I started at Chester Zoo in 1999 with no previous background of working with plants in zoos. I quickly made contact with colleagues in BIAZA and EAZA zoos and they were a great help to me in understanding the uses of plants in zoos. However, there was still a lack of written information about the design and the use of plants in animal enclosures. Then along came ZooLex in 2000, almost in answer to my prayers. Over the years, I have found it a great resource and always recommend it when talking to aspiring zoo horticulturists and keepers seeking knowledge about enclosure design. I have been the horticultural editor on ZooLex for a number of years now and it has been a great privilege to see it continue to develop and become one of the major sources of information for zoo designers and workers."

Zoo Animal Welfare,
Terry L. Maple and Bonnie M. Perdue, p. 153, Springer,

"To find evidence of excellence in newly constructed zoo exhibits it is helpful to first go online to ZooLex, a website devoted to the publication of exhibit ideas and technical details (including budgets) replete with photographs and diagrams."

Simon Marsh,
Animal Development Manager, Yorkshire Wildlife Park
in 2012

"At Yorkshire Wildlife Park our aim is to build enclosures that set a new standard in animal husbandry and to build in a cost effective and ethical way. I have followed your fantastic website for many years and have promoted it whenever I speak to people involved in enclosure design. I'm sure anyone looking at the enclosures featured on your site are inspired to improve their enclosures and animal welfare. I have been, and I hope we can add to the variety of designs published."

Narasimha LR.,
Assistant Curator, Mysore Zoo, India
in 2010

"ZooLex website is a one-stop solution for most of my zoo related queries. The website has been really helpful to me in many ways during my working with zoos. I haven't come across any open source platform offering such detailed information in such a simple way. ZooLex is now a must-to-refer website for me before I submit any assignments."

Enquan Zhang,
Director of Conservation Education Centre, Beijing Zoo, China
in 2009

"I am working in Beijing Zoo China. In these years, many zoos in China want to change, but I think many of them don't know the theme of the modern zoos - education. I need more information in this field: think more about education when designing exhibits. Thank you so much for sharing the information."

M.E. Eikelenboom,
R.J. van Sluis,
"Using ZooLex as a tool for publishing a zoo-exhibit", project at the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein, Netherlands
in 2007

"It does not require much effort from the zoo to allow students or other parties to prepare a ZooLex submission for one of their enclosures. Hopefully more zoos will realize this and contribute to the ZooLex website."

Dr. Paolo Cavicchio,
Director, Pistoia Zoo, Italy
in 2007

"The ZooLex workshops and the ZooLex website were and are a fundamental step in improving my skills in creating new exhibits or renovating old enclosures at the small family zoological gardens I am currently managing."

Susan Ades,
Head of Exhibit Planning and Design, National Zoo, Washington
in 2006

"I'm writing to let you know what an amazing resource ZooLex is. I refer to it frequently to see what other zoos are doing, compare costs, and find references. I enjoy the emails and am always eager to see what project is profiled each month. You are offering the world zoo community an unbelievable resource and helping us all learn from one another. The site keeps getting better and better! Keep up the great work."

Tamas Sisak,
student of Architecture, Cluj, Romania
in 2005

"In my graduate thesis I intend to explore people's cultural awareness and the impact that the display of wildlife can have on it. I am mostly left on my own, to find references and connect ideas. In that, the ZooLex database is an invaluable aid to me. Thank you very much!"

Javier González Sanz,
Conservador del Aquarium, Zooaquarium de Madrid, Spain
in 2005

"Congratulations for your web site. Zoolex is very very useful for zoos and aquaria."

Geoffrey Bye,
Managing Partner, Red Centre Concepts
in 2003

"Peter Dollinger, the executive Director of WAZA, referred me to your site as a great source of information. I am working on the early stages of a proposal to initiate a major new zoo build project in an Arabian Gulf Country. Your website has been very useful in helping me research companies involved in zoo design and architecture."

Mark Meijering,
Teacher in animal care, The Netherlands
in 2002

"... these have been fantastic two days when I finally took the time to visit the ZooLex website. This will be a great tool for me teaching my students great (new) zoo designs and make them understand the need for great enclosures. I will be visiting your website frequently!"

Sasha Lieven,
graduate student of Interior Design at the Pratt Institute, New York
in 2002

"... I am truly grateful for your wonderful web-page, where I found a lot of useful information."

Tim Vincent,
Teacher in animal management at Bournemouth and Poole College, Great Britain
in 2002

"I would like to let you know that I have used the material that you display on your site as an aid to my teaching on several occasions. I congratulate you on the production of such an excellent (and as far I am aware, unique) site."

Nancy Hotchkiss,
Exhibit Developer, National Aquarium, Baltimore, Maryland
in 2001

"I must congratulate you on the depth of the information on your website ZooLex. It has improved greatly since I last visited! I appreciate all the work you have put into it and know how hard it can be to kick something off. As I look at your website I can see many applications for the information. It is user-friendly and applicable to a broad audience."

Andrei Kotkin,
zoo-expert and journalist, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
in 2001

"... and your very nice and useful site!"

Susan Chin,
Director of Architecture, Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, New York
in 2001

"... I have reviewed other exhibits on your site and think that it is very helpful and interesting to see what is happening in other places. Im am very excited about having Congo Gorilla Forest exhibited on this site and look forward to helping make it a useful and interesting presentation."

Dean James,
Essex, Great Britain
in 2001

"As an amateur animal keeper, I find your site indispensable, as the design of animal enclosures is one of the pluses of visiting good zoos. The article on Taronga Zoo is very timely as I will be in Australia for Christmas. To have an idea of what I can look out for is great."

Joyce Kaplan
Director,  Zoo Animal Technology Program, Pensacola Junior College, Pensacola, Florida
in 2001

"... just looked at that "zoolex" and that is a super website you have there! The Gallery section of ZooLex, your breakdown of each aspect with details on dimensions, materials, costs, features for animals/keepers, visitors, etc is an excellent guideline for learning from each other. In fact, I have my students study selected gallery submissions from your site on their own time for disdussion in my exhibit design course. They also use them as a guideline to help them in their semester project - simple, basic design of a hypothetical exhibit with blueprints or a model, and a report similar to the gallery reports."

Dr. S Shivaji,
Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India
in 2001

"Recently we had an opportunity to visit your web-site. Please accept our congratulations for the excellent work. Indeed, we agree with your views that there is no education/ training/ manual available for zoo designing and animal exhibit. Your web-site is a positive step towards this direction and will definitely serve as a platform on zoo planning and designing."

Nevin Lash,
Ursa International, Atlanta, Georgia
in 2001

"I, personally, have assembled exhibit profiles for the ZooLex Gallery. It is one of the ultimate, Win - Win exercises that I have participated in within this profession. On one hand, I was able to share with the world work that I was personally and professionally proud of. On another hand, I was able to share with other professionals, my client's new exhibit design and allow them to share its design features with their clients. This process benefits my client, other zoos and other zoo designers, as well as myself and my design team."

Sally Walker,
Zoo Outreach Organization, Peelamedu, India
in 2001

"Congrats. Yours is the best zoo site going these days."

Dr. Axel Gebauer,
Director of Naturschutz-Tierpark Görlitz, Germany
in 2001

"We are very glad that you were the first to create  a worldwide forum for specialists who are dealing with planning and design of animals exhibits. There is an enormous need for it."

Willie Labuschagne,
President - WAZA, World Association of Zoos and Aquaria
in 2001

"We are happy to let you know that WAZA acknowledges the  achievement of ZooLex for zoos and - as a roof organization - will support this initiative wherever possible. 

We are convinced that this Internet database is a proven and high-quality tool for the collection and dissemination of information on animal exhibits online and that ZooLex services will complement our membership services perfectly. It is a matured project of data collection of state of the art enclosures and will promote animal welfare by increasing the standards of animal keeping in modern zoos. ZooLex becomes a reference databank in the field, and thanks to the Internet especially also reaches the edge regions, where they have no access to relative literature and have no possibility to visit modern enclosures. "