Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for publishing in ZooLex

ZooLex is responsible for administering the information submitted by its members. Therefore we kindly ask you to observe the following conditions applicable to your submissions. Your use of our site indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Only ZooLex members can publish on ZooLex. To become a member you need to register with your name and email address.

When you are registered you can start entering data. This requires cookies. Please enable them on your browser. If you choose to reject all cookies, you will be unable to use the part of ZooLex that requires registration in order to participate. As a member you can access your submissions and process them. You can submit text and images for publication.


When entering data into a ZooLex online form, the ZooLex Zoo Design Organization considers you the person responsible for the submission and publication of these data. Please understand that we will check your responsibility with the institution for which you are going to publish in ZooLex.


Already published items may sometimes need to be updated. Either because you got additional information that was missing when you compiled the item first time; or because significant changes happened. Please contact us to ask for an update for a specific submission.


ZooLex needs to rely on its members for copyright issues in their submissions. Please make sure that images and text you are using for publication in ZooLex may be used by ZooLex Zoo Design Organization. If you do not have the copyright for this material, please ask for permission to use it for this purpose. A copyright note should be added to every picture you upload. Your text is considered to be owned by the institution for which you submit a publication. By submitting information for publication on the ZooLex website you agree that ZooLex Zoo Design Organization is allowed to reproduce, distribute, transmit, or otherwise use this content for ZooLex purposes.

Please note that pictures and text published on the internet may be copied or downloaded by anyone using the internet. This is legal for personal, noncommercial use, provided that all credits and copyright notices associated with the content are retained. Except this limited use, nobody may reproduce, distribute, transmit, or otherwise exploit the content in any way. In particular, the content may not be included in any other publication or product, or on any other website or computer network without consent of the copyright owner.


ZooLex cannot be held liable for information submitted by its members. Exhibit presentations are no receipes for planning or construction. What works in one place need not necessarily work in another place under different conditions. Although we use our reasonable best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the content on our site we make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, correctness, or reliability of the content. You acknowledge that your use of our site is at your own risk.


ZooLex will not disclose any of your personally identifiably information except when we have your permission or under special circumstances, such as when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.