We wish to thank the following persons (in alphabetical order) for serving on the ZooLex Editorial Board:

Corinne Bailey
Biologist, conservationist, linguist
Gwynedd, Wales, Great Britain

Sabrina Brando
Director of AnimalConcepts, MSc. Animal Studies, PhD student University of Stirling
Barcelona, Spain

Barbara Brem
Landscape architect
Dallas, Texas

Stephen Butler, Dip Hort Kew
Retired Curator of Horticulture, Dublin Zoo
Dublin, Ireland

Jon Charles Coe
Jon Coe Design, Pty Ltd
Healsville, Victoria, Australia

Monika Fiby
Landscape architect, zoo designer and consultant
Vienna, Austria

Jonas Homburg
Student of Biology at the University of Vienna
Löhne, Germany

Kimio Honda
Creative Director, Graphics, Exhibition and Graphic Arts Department, Wildlife Conservation Society
Bronx, New York

Jonas Livet
Biologist, author, zootechnical consultancy
Haguenau, France

Ivan Lozano Ortega
Animal scientist and zoo consultant
Bogotá, Colombia

Judi Mann-Lang
Conservation Strategist, South African Association for Marine Biological Research
Durban, South Africa

Mark Reed
Director Emeritus, Sedgwick County Zoo
Wichita, Kansas, USA

Simon J. Tonge
Executive Director, Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, Paignton Zoo Environmental Park
Paignton, Great Britain

Joris Verbruggen
Outplacement Co-ordinator, Foundation AAP sanctuary for exotic animals
Almere, The Netherlands