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You can find descriptions of the 12 ZooLex topics herunder and examples by using the links:

1. Home (sample, back)

The homepage is the entrance to the site. It shows the logo of ZooLex, its title, and the topics covered.

For the pilot project, it gives an introduction to the site presenting the designer of ZooLex, the purpose of the site, instructions on how to use it, and a recognition to those who made ZooLex possible. This information may be shifted from the homepage in favor of something more captivating after the evaluation is done. As an attractive feature, the homepage may present the winners of ZooLex contests.

2. Survey (questionnaire, back)

For the pilot project a survey was included to the website which will be replaced later by a different topic. This page explains the objectives of the site and invites visitors to complete and submit a questionnaire which is linked to the button "SURVEY NOW". The questionnaire has sections on the data of the respondent, the performance and usefulness of ZooLex, and the respondents' anticipated participation in ZooLex. Multiple choice questions are complemented by a space for comments to each section. The questionnaire was programmed from my draft by Hans Fiby.

3. Find (sample, back)

This page offers three different modes to search for a ZooLex entry: word, index, and lists. A search engine in ZooLex can be used either for free search or for index search. It is an open source program that was adapted for this purpose by Hans Fiby. The index contains terms that I added as key words to each exhibit description. The lists help to find exhibits by zoo, location, animal, designer, and opening date. In the sample website, they are simple enumerations with links. For further expansion, they would require programming of a database.

4. Firms (sample, back)

This page gives an alphabetical list of firms for design or construction, with their addresses and links to their homepages if available. Each of the exhibit presentations in ZooLex provides references to the firms that contributed to its design and construction.

5. Opening Soon (sample, back)

In the section "Opening Soon", the future Tropic House at Zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna is presented as an example for a zoo exhibit that is going to be built.

6. Recently Opened (sample, back)

In the section "Recently Opened", the Elephant Park at Zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna is presented as an example for a zoo exhibit that was recently opened.

7. Exhibit Gallery (sample, back)

The "Exhibit Gallery" features the Spectacled Bears' Exhibit at Zoo Zürich and the Northern Trail's Bears' Exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, as examples of standardized descriptions of animal exhibits. These include location, size and costs of the exhibit, animal species shown, opening date, names of design and construction firms, plant lists, and descriptions of the exhibit features. Also, a site plan and up to 25 pictures with specified viewpoints are part of the presentations.

8. Contests (sample, back)

The idea of these contests is to have the general public assess animal exhibit. They will be invited to judge the exhibits presented in ZooLex and give reasons for their rating. Obviously, this page can be developed only after a sufficient number of exhibits have been presented. Therefore, the sample website did not show, how the contests will work.

9. Forum (sample, back)

The discussion forum is an open source program adapted for the purposes of ZooLex by Hans Fiby.

Many people working in the environment of zoos and similar institutions have the desire to express their needs and experiences. This is, for example, shown in conferences and in the activities of association. Follow up on exhibit design is very valuable for designers, but might offend institutions. ZooLex therefore should offer a forum for this kind of communication, but restrict access. Access might be limited to members of organizations that could communicate by other means too. But, their members will profit from the technologies that ZooLex can offer on the internet.

10. Links (sample, back)

The listed links, related to animal exhibitry, were found on the internet and tested for usage.

11. Publications (sample, back)

Relevant publications are listed in the alphabetical order of the authors' names. Subjects will be marked for entry into a database for research. Some documents may be available for downloading.

12. Events (sample, back)

Dates of events are announced by several organizations. ZooLex offers the links to their relevant webpages.

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