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The following list shows the scope of tasks of landscape architects working for zoos:

  • Recording and updating site plans, mains and plant inventories
  • Recording soil and water analyses
  • Recording tree surveys to decide protection and maintenance measures
  • Contracting for planning and construction
  • Coordinating planning and construction
  • Controlling and documenting works
  • Tracking sources for browse and decoration material (plants, branches, trunks, stones etc.)
  • Ordering materials for landscaping
  • Recording browse preferences and problems
  • Recording pest control successes and problems
  • Cleaning, repairing and renewing grounds
  • Repairing and renewing plant protection
  • Checking the irrigation systems
  • Checking for pests and deseases on plants
  • Fertilizing, cutting, trimming plants
  • Taking soil and water samples for analyses
  • Conceptual planning for the development and management of enclosures, public and maintenance areas
  • Designing individual animal enclosures and public spaces
  • Scheduling planning and construction
  • Recommending maintenance measures for the grounds
  • Recommending trimming, protection and maintenance measures for plants
  • Recommending irrigation systems
  • Recommending soil and water protection measures
  • Consulting on appropriateness of materials and toxicity of plants
  • Modeling, building, constructing
  • Planting
  • Creating plant protection
  • Getting materials for browse and decoration
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