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This thesis is the result of a project completed within my two years of graduate studies. My thanks go to the Austrian Ministry of Science and Traffic for making these studies possible by a grant. 

Many people deserve recognition for their roles in the project: 

I thank my reading committee for their interest and time: my major professor Dr. Mary Anne Alabanza Akers, reading committee chair Marianne Cramer, Robert Warren, Dr. Terry Maple and Nevin Lash.

The faculty deserves appreciation for supporting my project by being flexible and helpful. 

Thanks also go to my fellow students and to my roommate Amy  for correcting my wording and for editing my writing. I owe you for my command of the English language.

I would also like to acknowledge everybody who helped me to develop the project by giving time, insight, ideas and criticism: Zoo directors, zoo employees, zoo designers and interested academics all over the world contributed significantly to the outcome of this project. I thank you for your enthusiasm and valuable input. 

Additional thanks go to those who participated in my pilot project. You devoted both, your time and valuable materials, relying on my responsibility. Thank you for trusting me.

Special thanks go to Jon Coe who has become a source of inspiration and endurance for me for many years. Thank you for being my mentor.

Finally I wish to thank Hans Fiby warmly. I feel grateful for your generosity in supporting this undertaking for two years. You stayed close to me in spite of 5,000 miles distance. I appreciated your countless calls and emails. They gave me great encouragement. I have enjoyed sharing the excitements and challenges of this project with you. With your help it has become my pride and joy. Thanks for your love and companionship.

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