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Managing Animal Behaviour through Environmental Enrichment Iván Lozano-Ortega
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This document is aimed to evaluate the use of environmental enrichment to rehabilitate confiscated animals. Viability of using this tool in Latin American rescue and rehabilitation centres and the response to enrichment in the most commonly confiscated species is discussed.

Managing behaviour may be done by identifying and categorising desirable and non-desirable behaviours in a rehabilitation centre.

This project provides a classification of different environmental enrichment techniques according with their objective and effects on the animals. Also with the materials and methods used for each one and some cautions that have to be considered when using these techniques.

This document proposes specific environmental enrichment techniques to manage the behaviour of the most frequently confiscated species in Colombia. I suggest to use one or more enrichment techniques to stimulate desirable behaviours or to discourage abnormal ones.

To understand the way in which behaviour can be managed using environmental enrichment, a brief study was conducted in a group of coatis (Nasua nasua). The behaviour was measured under different enrichment devices.

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Revised 2017-05-17
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