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The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization:

The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization is a non-profit organization, registered in Vienna (ZVR-Zahl 933849053), independent from companies and organizations. It relies on the support of subscribers, members, sponsors and well-wishers to fund its activities. Contact:

ZooLex Zoo Design Organization
Sobieskigasse 9/12, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone/Fax: 0043-1-3101060
Email: zoolex@zoolex.org


The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization was established to help improve holding conditions for wild animals in captivity by

Partnership with WAZA:

ZooLex provides a direct link to the WAZA website from its top navigation bar. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) makes the ZooLex website available through www.waza.org and holds the ZooLex archive.

WAZA's mission is to guide, encourage and support the zoos, aquariums, and like-minded organisations of the world in animal care and welfare, environmental education and global conservation. The purpose of this partnership is to mutually support each other organization's goal of promoting best practice in animal exhibit design.


Please see the Terms and Conditions for the use of the ZooLex website.


The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization was initiated by Monika Fiby, Hans Fiby and Nadja Ziegler:

Hello, I am Monika Fiby, a landscape architect dedicated to zoo design.

I proudly present ZooLex. A forum for everybody who is interested in the design of animal exhibits.

(Here is my resume.)

Hello, I am Hans Fiby,
a computer scientist and specialist in data bases.

I like the challenge to make ZooLex  a useful tool for zoo professionals.


Hello, I am Nadja Ziegler, 
a biologist and specialist in parrots.

I hope to improve holding conditions for wild animals in captivity by promoting good zoo exhibits in ZooLex.

Target Audiences:

ZooLex targets different audiences with services for work, leisure and marketing. An analysis can be found in Monika's master thesis.
target groups ZooLex use
zoo professionals
(directors, curators, 
keepers, educators etc.)
compare standardized descriptions of animal exhibits
access a data base on zoo design easily and quickly
refer to scientific documentations of other exhibits in your proposals
find contacts and references for experts
increase publicity by presenting new exhibits
advertise your work
learn about new products, technologies and services
find lists of plants used in animal exhibits
find partners for research and in-situ projects
zoo suppliers advertise products, technologies and services
announce new products, technologies and services
inform about special offers
learn about trends in zoo design
zoo friends and
find new exhibits
see and read about animal exhibits
learn about trends in zoo design
promote good zoo design
sponsors address a global audience interested in zoo design
approach zoo professionals worldwide
learn about your customers
promote your ideas
journalists learn about holding conditions of wild animals in captivity
read about research and in-situ projects
see trends in zoo design

Revised 2017-05-17
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